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Trainings and Workshops

Based on real-life experience from many development projects we offer a variety of trainings in the area of safety critical systems:

1. Automotive Safety according to ISO 26262 – our classical training since the first edition of ISO from 2009. This training was performed for different OEMs and Tier-1 in many countries of Europe and North America.

It will give participants systematic approach, hands-on experience creating safety work products under trainer supervision, exposure to subjects of classical safety life-cycle and approaches to new innovative technology and dynamic working processes.

On the last day we work together through all major safety phases from concept phase to the justification of achieved safety.

Detailed agenda can be found here.

Duration: 3 days = 2 days (theory plus exercises, on-line tests) + 1 day (case study – safety development of one safety critical control system).

Optional: ½ day certification exam.

2. Safety of Intended Functionality (SOTIF) – 1 day

Take it is a separate training or as an extension to our classical Automotive Safety according to ISO 26262.

Here we will be speaking about how the risks of modern perception and information processing systems can be evaluated and mitigated.

This analysis is vital while dealing with Autonomous Driving systems with their multi-sensor and artificial intelligence.

3. Agile Safety Workshop

Many companies introduce new approaches to make development processes more effective such as SCRUM, DevOps, CI/CD. We will make an overview of them and highlight the challenges to apply to functional safety processes.

Based on work packages we will investigate available solutions adjusting the safety process to your particular needs.


Contact us for more information on training schedule prices and special interests for your organization

If you are interested, please contact us at info@we4safety.com

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